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Proceedings, Photos and Publications

The NBM@Graz2017 has been a great experience for all of us, and we are pleased that so many insights were shared and discussed during this conference.

Thanks for all the interesting contributions and we hope you had a good journey home.

We want to share some impressions with you, including the photos, conference proceedings and also a small but important reminder on the possibilities to publish your work in several journals.

We hope to see you also next year in conference in Sofia, where we all will look at "New Business Models with Impact: Focused, Scalable, and International?" on June 27 and 28, 2018. This will be the third edition of this annual conference.

More information will be distributed in Fall 2018 over the NBM network.


Romana Rauter, Aisma Linda Kiesnere, Martina Zimek and Rupert Baumgartner

NBM@Graz2017 Team


Documents and further information

The NBM@Graz2017 conference proceedings can be downloaded here.

There you can also find more detailed information on conference in Sofia in 2018 in the epilogue of the document.

Additionally, all Call for Papers for the special issues arranged for this conference can be downloaded here as well: Journal of Business Models (soon availbale), International Journal of CSR, Accountancy & Bedrijfskunde.






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